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Piyachart (Arm)

“A good company is one that successfully drives business growth through Profit. But a GREAT company is one that goes beyond, and truly integrates People and Planet into their core strategies to ultimately drive a GREATer transformation.”

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Although an engineer by degree, I am a consultant by design. Now, as the CEO of BRANDi and Companies—a corporate-level strategy consultancy—I lead a team of brand-builders, also known as "BRANDists," in transforming conventional businesses (Profit-centric) into sustainable (Profit, People, and Planet), future-ready ones. For more than 10 years, I have continuously engaged with private and public sector organizations from over 23 industries to sustainably create GREAT positive impact on the economy (Profit), society (People), and the environment (Planet).


Throughout my time as CEO, I have had the opportunity to engage in various impactful consultation, collaboration, and publication projects. Which of these do you want to know more about?



Advised the CEO of Thailand’s largest oil and retail company in systematically transforming a conventional oil business into an organization that Empowers All toward Inclusive Growth

City Development

Redefined the Strategic Position and designed the value system for Bangkok’s prominent property management organization in order to “Maximize Values to the Society”


Transformed Thailand’s largest specialized financial institution into social bank that creates positive impact on Social Inclusion, Community Prosperity, and Environment Sustainability


Developed the Strategic Position and direction for the largest telecommunications company in Thailand to amplify the technological and telecommunications ecosystem for all stakeholders throughout its value chain


Facilitated the transformation of one of the world’s recognized shopping complex retail and developer from a profit-centric property developer to an organization that springboards the best locally to grow globally


Enhanced Thailand’s education system through a blueprint that provides self-development tools for students and teachers to gain relevant knowledge and know-hows for today’s world


Being able to collaborate synergistically with stakeholders is the key to achieving a higher purpose and driving GREATer impact. Take a look at some of my previous collaborations below.


Featured in

the Harvard
Business Review

Highlighted how organizations can become the best place to grow, by being a source of inspiration and a positive force for current and potential talents


The New York Times & Bangkok Post

Unveiled three business strategies—AOS, BWi, and CoB—that aims to reimagine growth, redefine success, and rebuild ecosystems

Appeared in


Advocated for high-growth companies to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges and improve global positive impact on Profit, People, and Planet

the WEF New Champions CEO Strategic Dialogue

The only Thai CEO at


Shared a private sector perspective on financing the transition to a greener and fairer world

the World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting

The only Thai CEO at

IMG_0503 (1).JPG

Advanced the conversation for businesses to drive strategic actions toward the achievement of the SDGs at the UNGC Leaders Summit and the UN Private Sector Forum

the United Nations Global Compact

Speaker and Panelist at


Discussed modern management approaches to drive performance that matters, create net positive impact, and navigate organizational transformation

the Global Peter Drucker Forum

Panelist at


Discussed global brand-building strategies for successful international business expansion

the China Globalization Conference

Speaker at

BRAND Finance.jpeg

Showcased BRANDiNG 4.0, the notion behind purposeful brand-building that is relevant in today’s new world context

the Brand Finance Forum

Speaker at

DSC09364 (1).JPG

Designed and facilitated Thailand’s first-ever public-private open dialogue to promote constructive conversations that will inspire action and drive sustainable change toward a Better Thailand

the Better Thailand Open Dialogue

BRANDi as the only Knowledge Partner at

Thai chamber.png

Underlined the significance of the value cycle in transforming sustainable businesses into businesses that create sustainability

the General Assembly of Thai Chambers of Commerce

Speaker at


the Economist Impact Annual Sustainability 
Week London

Panelist at

Discussed systematic transformation for hard-to-abate sectors to unleash the sectoral potential for decarbonization and energy transition.


the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the
New Champions

Speaker at

invited to share insights on the Society and Technology RelationShift, Reskilling Revolution and Driving Force of the Global Economy


Represented Business & Industry in the Townhall meeting and expressed the private sector’s standpoint on driving Systematic Transformation and Sustainable and Inclusive Growth at the General Assembly.

the UN The High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable development

The only private sector representative at


As a firm believer that knowledge should be accessible to all, I have written two best-selling books on brand-centric management and sustainable growth strategy. So far, they have been translated into 5 and 2 languages, respectively.
BRANDiNG 4.0 Mock up 3-32115.png


In a new world context where consumers are more interconnected than ever, the definition of branding is no longer what it once was. BRANDiNG 4.0 illustrates the power of brands in enhancing consumers’ and producers’ lives through meaningful value creation.

BAU _edited.png


Gone is the "business as usual" era—when merely creating profit and satisfying shareholders’ needs were enough. Through discussing management dimensions at the mindset, operation, and communication levels, Business as UNusual aims to solidify why and how the Triple Bottom Line (Profit, People, and Planet) can provide the key to achieving sustainable growth.

Create GREAT Impact with Me

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